Your Block Online — The Essential Website for Your Block of Flats

There are numerous benefits of using Your Block Online.
Here are just a few depending on whether you are a flat owner, landlord or managing agent.

  • Useful Document Storage Library

    Our efficiently organised and easy-to-use document storage library will help you find the information about your building that you’re looking for more easily. Here you can store all the critical information about your block of flats such as meeting minutes, budgets, accounts, and insurance documentation.

  • Share Opinions with your Own Discussion Board

    Each website comes with its own dedicated discussion board for the block. This enables your residents to have private discussions about the building, share opinions, and benefit from the views of others in the block in their own time without the necessity of a formal meeting.

  • Email other residents and managing agent directly

    Effective communication is vital for the efficient management of any block of flats. The bespoke email system we have developed for Your Block Online enables you to contact the other residents in the building, the managing agent as well as other third parties directly from the website for your block.

  • Use Own Domain Name

    You will be able to request the use of your own domain name for your block (eg when you apply for your block website. If you have purchased a domain name after your block website has been set-up, simply contact us to activate it for your block.

  • No technical knowledge needed

    Your block website has been designed to be operated as easily as possible. Only a basic knowledge of using the Internet is required and we provide a significant amount of online support materials, as well as email and phone support for our premium and pro-users should you need additional assistance.

  • More effective communication with flat owners

    Communication is at the heart of good property management. It’s important that flat owners know what’s going on. Your Block Online is an additional communication channel which helps you deliver, share and store critical information to flat owners.

  • Make Better, More Informed Decisions about building management

    Understanding the needs and expectations of the flat owning community in the blocks you manage is the first step towards better building management. The improved communication which Your Block Online brings to residential building management empowers you with the knowledge you need to make better, more informed decisions about the block.

  • Identify and Solve problems quicker

    Effective use of the Your Block Online websites for flats means that you will be able to stay in touch with flat owners in real time and discover issues at an early stage. In turn, this will enable you to resolve issues as they arise and before they develop into major problems.

  • Save time with routine information management tasks

    Using the bespoke storage and communication features of Your Block Online allows you to share commonly requested information with flat owners. That way you can be more productive by focussing on the more important tasks without repetitive interruption for time-consuming, routine matters.

  • Integrate with your existing website

    Your Block Online has been designed to work in parallel with the existing website for your company. As a pro-user of Your Block Online we can help you integrate our websites for flats into your existing internet presence to enhance the web experience of your customers.

  • Add Value to your Property Portfolio

    Your Block Online websites for flats will add value to your property portfolio by utilising the benefits of the internet to improve communication, information delivery and in turn develop good landlord-leaseholder relations and better, more effective management of the building.

  • Enhance Property Management Capability

    Landlords rely on effective property management to preserve the value in their property portfolio and minimise unnecessary risk factors. The provision of Your Block Online websites for flats will assist your property management team to fulfil these objectives.

  • Foster leaseholder communication

    Your Block Online websites for flats promote landlord visibility and encourage co-operation with and amongst leaseholders by creating an effective communication channel between the respective stakeholders in the building.

  • Improve property owning experience

    Your Block Online websites for flats improves the property owning experience both for you and the residents of the blocks you own, by harnessing the benefits of modern technology for communication and information delivery in the building.

  • Make Information Accessible

    The flow of information between landlord and leaseholders is vital. Your Block Online enables you to make that information available in an easily accessible way, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.