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Why should my block have its own website?

Having a website for your block will be a major advantage to leaseholders and tenants, and will help the managing agents and resident associations with the running of your block. You will benefit from many of its features such as block e-mail, a discussion forum, an online document storage library as well as up to date information about the issues affecting leaseholders and block management today. Running a residents association, right to manage or resident management company can be a time-consuming, difficult and often thankless task. Now there is no longer a need to struggle along alone. With the benefit of a Your Block Online website you will have access to a vital support network, which will enable you to make better and more informed decisions about your block.

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What if my block already has its own website?

If your block already has its own website, we can still set up a Your Block Online website for your block. Our Account Management team will help you transfer the information about your block onto the new website and set-up your unique domain name address (if you have one).

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Can our block use our own domain name?

Yes. You will be able to request the use of your own domain name for your block (eg www.acaciamansions.com) when you apply for your block website. If you have purchased a domain name since your block website has been set-up, please contact your account management team for further assistance.

How much will it cost?

The cost of your website depends on which Your Block Online product you choose. Our entry-level Your Block Online website is absolutely free of charge. There are no hidden costs, although there is limited functionality.

With our premium user product, you can benefit from all the very best features Your Block Online has to offer. The cost is just £250 plus VAT per year. Our pro-user product is designed specifically for professional users such as managing agents and landlords with multiple blocks requiring individual websites. Please contact us for pricing and further details.

Why is the site free of charge?

Our entry level Your Block Online website is provided to you free of charge. This is because we realise that having a website for your block will be of great benefit to you and your neighbours but that this sometimes may be an unaffordable luxury for some blocks, particularly small conversions containing only a few flats.

This is why we have developed an option for our customers that will enable your block to benefit from the advantages of having its own website, at no additional cost to your block and it can be activated within days.

Developing and maintaining block websites of this sophistication are expensive, even for our entry level product. Therefore, our costs are subsidised through advertising revenue. The advertising is not intrusive and will often be directly relevant to your area. The advertising revenue means that your block can benefit from having its own website FREE OF CHARGE.

At any time, you can upgrade your FREE Your Block Online Website to a premium product. To see a list of features click here.

How do I create a website for my block?

Please click here to be taken to the sign-up page. When you do this, you will be asked to confirm if your block already has a website. If not, then you will need to complete our simple, quick application form. Once the application has been approved, you will be able to set-up your block online.

Who keeps the website up-to-date?

Your block will need to appoint a block webmaster, who will maintain the information on the website that is particular to your particular block. We will work with the block webmaster to make sure that your website is up-to-date. All the other information on the website, including the important updates on leaseholder issues will be updated by us at Your Block Online. Also, at any time you can you browse through our helpful FAQ's and Tutorials for additional assistance or contact our customer support for further guidance.

What is a “block webmaster”?

You will need to appoint someone who will have responsibility for administering and keeping the information about your block up-to-date. This person is called the "block webmaster". We recommend that either a member of the Residents Assocation, or Management Committee volunteers for this role or you appoint your managing agent. The role will not be too time consuming and is an extremely important one, as it will ensure that the residents will be able to make use of the numerous benefits and features that your website provides and that they will also have access to current information about your block and the property sector in general.

How long will it take to set up a website for our block?

To set up a website for your block you will first need to complete our application form. The application form will take only a few minutes to complete. Once we have received your application, your block can be online in only a few moments.

Once our website is live, how do we learn how to use it?

Your block website has been designed to be operated as easily as possible. Only a basic knowledge of using the Internet is required and we provide a significant amount of online support materials, as well as a customer support for our Premium and Pro-users should you need additional assistance. You may find it useful to visit our help pages. This will provide you with an introduction to using the basic features of the website. If you require further assistance, please contact us by clicking here.

Can we contact other residents using the website?

Yes! Your block website has been designed with many useful features to improve communication, and consequently the efficient running of your block. One of these is the ability to email all the other residents in your block.

How do I get other residents to participate?

Our customer support team will help your block webmaster keep the other residents in your block informed about your new block website as well as new features and benefits. Each resident will have their own user name and password to enable them to log-in to the private area of your block website. You can also promote the use of the website within your block by notifying the other residents and encouraging them to use it.

Can we contact other blocks using the website?

Yes! Using the link to our Flats Forum you can share your knowledge and learn from the experiences of other residents in other blocks around the country.

You mentioned that your costs are subsidised through advertising revenue. What sort of advertising is on the website ?

There are different types of advertising on the website, this varies from large companies to small local businesses. The main advantage of this for you as the resident is, you can visit the website and find the details of a local business relevant to you at a click of a button. There are also sections where you can advertise your own items for sale and/or your property to rent or for sale. Any potential purchaser or tenant, looking to buy or rent a flat in your specific block will be able to see your property.

Do I need to create an advertising account if I am already registered to use the website for my block?

No. If you are already registered to use your block website, you do not need to create a new advertising account. Log-in to your block website as normal and select “Advertise With Us”.

How do we find out more information?

If there is any information about the Your Block Online Websites For Flats you would like to know, please contact us.

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